About Will

Will Naylor Smith: March 19, 1999 -June 3, 2007

William Naylor Smith was born March 19, 1999 into a ranching family in South Texas. Before he could walk, he was on a horse. By the age two, he was in Africa accompanying his parents on safari. Will opened up his heart to the world by sharing anything and everything he could with friends, family, neighbors and strangers. Will was a "giver" from the start. Whether it was a smile, a laugh, stories of his adventures or giving his possessions to other kids, Will wanted to share his passion for life with the rest of the world.

The only thing Will didn’t like was to be left out of anything. He wanted to do it all. Whether it was snow skiing, bowling, basketball, baseball, football, mountain-climbing, tree-climbing, snowboarding, hunting or fishing, Will wanted to be a part of it, and he would try and try until he got it right. 

But perhaps Will's favorite thing to do was share with others. That is one thing he did not have to try to get right. Will looked at life much like a grown-up, showing compassion and generosity that was so unique in a child his age. All of these things ended for Will on June 3, 2007 when he lost his life in a tragic car accident in Hawaii. 

The world was only fortunate enough to have Will Smith for eight short years. He was a very special person. It was not until his death did anyone realize how many people this small child had reached and affected. Will's generosity and love of life has inspired the creation of The Will Smith Foundation to continue his benevolence. Even though Will is not physically with us any more, his kind and giving spirit will continue to fill the hearts and enrich the lives of many.

Susan Naylor, Will’s Mother